Marta Germani

Marta Germani was born in Carpi, Italy in 1992. Throughout her childhood is exposed to a great variety of creative inspiration from the environment in which she grew up.  

Her artistic soul is initially stimulated by her family and secondly by the dear friend Marisa Bittasi, a student of Arnaldo Bartoli, who saw the potential she encourages Marta to pursue the artistic career. 

The desire to learn, to create, and the exposure to important works pushed Marta into the search for her own artistic path. The development of the idea that art is “the capture of the moment without restriction” and the exposure to new materials allowed her to establish herself as a “divisional” painter.

In 2015 she met the sculptor and painter Mario Pavesi; fascinated by the philosophical approach that Mario has with art, she began to take classes in sculpting and painting the human body.

Today, Marta’s artistic research lies in a logic of action painting inspired by the roots of European culture. She uses black, blue, evocative night lights, awakening colors to create a thick landscape, flowers or even more by building new sense horizons.